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The holiday season can be a stressful time, especially if you are the host for inlaws and extended family. With so much to do, cleaning the house may seem like an overwhelming task. The most difficult part is deciding where to start. Here is the ultimate cleaning guide to help you and your family prepare for the holidays. Follow this guide for step by step instructions on how to clean the most essential areas of your home. 

The Ultimate Guide for Holiday Cleaning:

Remove the Clutter

I know many of you don’t mind a cluttered home, but an organized home can actually reduce stress. According to verywellmind, “Living in a cluttered home can create constant low-grade stress and subtly but steadily drain your energy.” 

The last thing you need during the holiday season is unnecessary stress. Start the cleaning process by simply organizing the main areas of your home such as the living room, kitchen, hallway, dining room, and bathroom. Removing the clutter from these areas will make the cleaning process that much easier.

Vacuum and Dust

The second step involves vacuuming and dusting. Start with the main rooms such as the living room and dining room then move to less popular areas. When was the last time you dusted all the decorations on your shelves? Dusting can actually increase the air quality in your home along with vacuuming. If you have pets this cleaning is necessary on a more regular basis.

According to Harvard Health, “A clean house may be a healthier house because good indoor hygiene can greatly cut down on dust and animal dander, says Dr. BuSaba. Your cleaning efforts should focus on strategies to reduce the accumulation of pet dander, mold, and dust lurking in your home.”

Hard Surfaces

The next step involves cleaning the hard surfaces of your home which include countertops, mirrors, appliances, and more. A common household cleaner will suffice for your countertops. Window cleaner works best for mirrors and appliances. You will be surprised by the shine this simple cleaning will bring your home.


The fourth step is to clean the bathroom. This is the bathroom that your guests will use the most. Often a simple wipe down will suffice. Always make sure to clean the toilet and sinks. The last step involves the flooring which we will get to later in this blog.


Although vacuuming is a good start, carpets should be professionally cleaned a couple of times a year. The holiday season is a perfect time to deep clean your carpets with a carpet cleaning service. Not only will this improve the air quality of your home, but it will remove any lingering stains and odors. The best part is your carpets will dry within hours, allowing you to focus on the most important things. For the best carpet cleaning in Cincinnati, give Power Clean Chem-Dry a call. 


The last step involves cleaning the flooring in your home. First, sweep the flooring in areas that you will host. Next, mop the entire flooring. Mopping is the best method for wood flooring and tile. If your hardwood floor is dull or old then it may be time to book a hardwood floor refinishing service. This can restore the original shine and luster of your wood floors impressing the guests that you will host this year.

Now that you have completed this guide you can sit back and relax, except for all the other stress that the holiday season brings. Do yourself a favor and clean your home this holiday season, it will bring more peace during a stressful time.

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