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Leather Cleaning

Leather furniture can breathe new life into any space. It’s a beautiful and expensive investment that certainly pays off if you keep it well-maintained. In order to do this, you need to use the proper cleaning products and services because anything else will dry out and damage the leather. If you’re looking for the proper way to clean your leather furniture then you’ve come to the right place. Our team at Power Clean Chem-Dry has all the scleans, equipment, and cleaning solutions needed to deep clean leather the right way in Cincinnati.

As a top-rated leather furniture cleaning service, you can trust us when we say we’ll get your furniture looking as good as the day you bought it. But that’s not all we do. We use a process that will also deliver a healthier, more effective clean so you can literally breathe easier with a leather cleaning from our team. Plus, we offer this incredible service in both residential and commercial settings. Just call (513) 993-1550 to get started.



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Why Choose Professional Leather Cleaning?

The truth is, every piece of leather furniture is going to experience scratching, fading, staining, and other common forms of wear and tear. There are plenty of DIY solutions out there to fix this, but they can be hard to trust. When it comes down to it, the right professional service will be able to do all of the work for you without a single worry. Each of our leather cleaning technicians has been highly trained to take care of these problems, and even how to protect the leather from future damage. You need professional cleaning like this to help the furniture hold its value against the natural wear and tear it will have to face.


Common Causes of Leather Deterioration

  • Oils and Grease: People and animals are full of natural oils that can be easily transferred onto leather surfaces. The oils can really do a number on the protective finish of the leather causing it to wear down over time.
  • Dust: If there’s one thing you should know it’s that dust loves leather! The two can go hand-in-hand forever, but it’s a rather unhealthy relationship that you need to break up. 
  • Dirt: Whether or not you have plants, dirt will be inside of your house. We track in plenty when we go outside even when we can’t see all of the little dirt particles. Believe it or not, you’ve probably tracked some dirt onto the leather couch you’re currently sitting on while reading this.
  • Dyes and Inks: Inks can stain leather when you leave a newspaper out, lay clothes like denim out to dry on it, and of course from a child’s art project gone wrong. 


leather cleaning cincinnati ohio

Combat Leather Deterioration in Cincinnati, OH

Don’t wait to set up your professional leather cleaning here in Cincinnati with the good people here at Power Clean Chem-Dry. Our service is specially designed to help combat these common causes of leather deterioration to help you enjoy your leather furniture for the years to come. Everybody here is excited to meet you and get to work cleaning your leather like it’s never been cleaned before. Get in contact with us today to set up an appointment or request a free, no-obligation price estimate.


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