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No matter how many hours you spend cleaning your carpets—either on your own or with help from a professional—you may notice that some stains and odors never seem to be gone for good. 

This can be especially frustrating. The good news is, Chem-Dry can help with revolutionary carpet cleaning in West Chester and Loveland. We can also help identify the three basic sources of reappearing carpet stains and odors so you can prevent reoccurring stains from happening in the future.

Resoiling From Residue Left On Carpet 

If a stain appears to keep coming back, chances are it’s actually a new stain that’s formed on residue left behind. 

Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machines and the steam cleaners most professionals use rely on a large amount of soapy detergent to treat stains on carpet. But the problem is, when too much soap is deposited onto your carpet or when it’s not rinsed away well enough, an oily, sticky film is left on your carpet fibers that actually attracts more dirt in the future. 

Solution: Thankfully, Chem-Dry has developed a better approach to carpet cleaning. Our revolutionary Carbonated Cleaning method uses the power of millions of carbonated bubbles to lift stains to the surface using 80 percent less moisture compared to steam cleaners. Our method is more environmentally friendly and also green certified and non-toxic

Carpet Wicking Caused By Excess Moisture

Even when stains appear to be gone on the surface, moisture and particles are often trapped in the backing and padding beneath. This is in large part because steam cleaners use so much moisture without enough power to fully extract all the excess moisture afterwards. 

You may notice that as the carpet begins to dry, the stain wicks or travels up the carpet fiber and reappears.

Solution: To prevent wicking and reappearing stains, it’s best to go with a carpet cleaning method that uses less moisture and fully removes the stain the first time—like Chem-Dry Carbonated Cleaning

Persistent Carpet Odors 

The most common culprit of recurring odors are pets in the home. When pets relieve themselves on carpet, the moisture penetrates deep into the back and padding beneath. As the urine dries, potent, dust and odor-filled crystals are stuck beneath and continue releasing odors into your home. 

Solution: Chem-Dry Pet Urine Odor Removal breaks down these stubborn odors crystals and lifts them away for good. 

Carpet Cleaning In West Chester And Loveland

Utilizing the right carpet cleaning methods is crucial if you’d like to have a clean, stain and odor-free home. There’s truly no better method than Chem-Dry carpet cleaning.  


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